Built by Students for Students

Perplex is a venture informed directly from the experiences of its founders, two current Brown University undergraduates. We are building the tools we wish we had in high school, so you can ace your exams with confidence.

Our Founders

Photo of James Mullen

James Mullen

Co-founder & CEO

IB Further Math, Chemistry & Physics HL '20, Brown University '24

An IB insider, James has seen countless students gone through the IB - including his 3 siblings and dozens of tutees. James' experience is distilled for you in our exercises and lessons, each designed to reveal and remedy common misconceptions.

Photo of Quinn Straus

Quinn Straus

Co-founder & CTO

AP Program, Brown University '24

An avid mathematician and programmer, Quinn has built Perplex's intuitive learning tools from the ground up. He combines insight from teaching and coursework in education, a passion for STEM, and technical expertise to deliver the best experiences for students.

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