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IB Mathematics AA HL
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Perplex is for students who

Struggle with the basics

If you never mastered the foundations, moving forward can be hellish.

Our refresher modules help smooth your road to mastery.

Can't bridge theory and practice

Putting what you've learned into practice is challenging

On Perplex, you'll learn by doing, so you can go from knowing what to knowing how.

Underperform in exams

Careless mistakes, time pressure and unclear working can cripple even the best students.

By systematically practicing exam-style questions, Perplex will help you get the grade you deserve.

Built by students who know the struggle

Photo of James Mullen

James Mullen

Co-founder & CEO

IB Math, Further Math, Chemistry & Physics HL '20

An IB insider, James has seen countless students gone through the IB - including his 3 siblings and dozens of tutees. James' experience is distilled for you in our exercises and lessons.

Brown University '24
Brown University '24

Quinn Straus

Co-founder & CTO

Quinn combines his lifelong passion for math with his technical expertise to build intuitive learning tools for students.

Brown University '24
Brown University '24
Photo of Quinn Straus